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10 Square

10 Square

10 Square @ Orchard Central is a vibrant arts training centre for youth artists. 10 Square originated from a car park space dedicated by Far East Organization to TRCL for emerging young talents to unleash their creative potential in a place they can call home.

The premises have been transformed into a sophisticated facility for multi-disciplinary arts. Besides exclusive studios for dance, music, visual arts, theatre (arena), there is a theatre-auditorium, seminar and conference rooms as well as a café-eatery to cater to business and professional needs.

For Hire


Basic sound & lighting system + 2 wireless microphones

Capacity: 112 pax + 2 wheelchair pax
Stage area: 7.6m x 4m

White Room I (Conference Room)

TV Projection

Capacity: 16 – 18pax
Space area: 7m x 4.5m

White Room II (Seminar Room)

Projector + Basic sound system

Capacity: 24pax
Space area: 8m x 4.7m


Full length mirror + Basic sound system + Hanging tracks (exhibitions)

Space area: 6m x 9m

Dance Studio

Full length mirror + Marley mat + Basic sound system

Space area: 4.57m x 15m

Visual Arts Studio

Water point + tables & chairs

Capacity: 15 pax

edit_Happy Pancakes
Happy Pancakes Café

Set within 10 Square @ Orchard Central, the Happy Pancakes Café serves original Japanese-recipe savoury and sweet fluffy pancakes which are popular in Harajuku, Tokyo.

Happy Pancakes Café serves set lunch, Mondays to Fridays, 12pm to 3pm.

Past Events


Live_Visual Arts Studio

Happy Pancake
Happy Pancakes Café

Getting Here
Somerset MRT

Orchard Central
181 Orchard Road
Singapore 238896

Contact Number
+65 6835 8170

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